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Advanced SEO Services - Quarterly

Advanced SEO Services - Quarterly

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The Advanced SEO package is designed to get your store and products into Google and Bing as quickly as possible and includes all of the following:

  • Advanced store, page, collection and image optimization for the best possible generic search results in Google and Bing
  • Review and/or creation of high performance Meta Tags for your store and all pages, so that the search engines index your store correctly and efficiently. 
  • Review and revision of all on-page content for the best possible search results
  • Creation of Topic Clusters (Pillar Pages)
  • Optimization of all store pages, products, collections and images
  • Optimization of all blogs, press releases, and newsletters so they get indexed properly and in a timely manner
  • Correction of all Crawl Errors, 404 Page Not Found Errors , and Other SEO related issues on a monthly basis. 
  • Review of all store pages and page headings for proper formatting so pages get indexed correctly
  • Review of keywords, key-phrases and trends with suggestions that yield the best possible organic search results for your store and products.
  • Submission of all products, blogs, collections, images and site map to Google and Bing on a monthly basis and as new products are introduced.
  • 3 press releases per year
  • Monthly reports showing SEO status, progress and organic sales.
  • SEO results are guaranteed.

Organic Sales are a very Important part of your Marketing Plan. Don't miss out on these low cost, high conversion sales.

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