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My Web Concepts is a Google Agency and we specialize in SEO and SEM. We perform an SEO Audit on your store, optimize all products, collections, images, blogs and other items for SEO and submit all of those to the search engines for you. We also remediate any issues reported back to us from the search engines about pages or products that could not be crawled or are not indexed for some reason. Our SEO services are designed to get you high quality backlinks that help with your Page Rank.

Reports are delivered to you on a monthly basis, regarding Organic Search Results and progress made the previous month, along with how many Organic clicks and sales came from our SEO efforts.

We have both a Basic and Advanced SEO package, depending upon your needs.

Basic SEO Service

Our Basic SEO package helps to establish a presence on Google and Bing for your Shopify store and its products, which yield excellent organic search results and organic visitor traffic.

We optimize your store, images, products, and collections then submit everything to Google and Bing for you on a monthly basis (more often depending upon how often your store adds new products). We also correct any crawl errors and control which pages are indexed for maximum inclusion in the search engines. ​

Here is what you get:

  • Optimization of your Store, Pages, Collections and All Images
  • Monthly Submission of Your Store and Products to Google and Bing
  • Monthly Keyword/Key-Phrase Analysis and Recommendations
  • Submission of all Blogs, Newsletters and Press Releases to Google and Bing on a Monthly Basis
  • 1 Free Press Release Per Year
  • Reports Delivered Monthly Regarding Product Sales and Number of Monthly Organic Store Visitors
  • SEO results are guaranteed.

Only​ $99.00/mo billed Quarterly. Buy Now!

Advanced SEO Service

The Advanced SEO package is designed to get your store and products into Google and Bing as quickly as possible and includes all of the following:

  • Advanced store, page, collection and image optimization for the best possible generic search results in Google and Bing
  • Review and/or creation of high performance Meta Tags for your store and all pages, so that the search engines index your store correctly and efficiently. 
  • Review and revision of all on-page content for the best possible search results
  • Creation of Topic Clusters (Pillar Pages)
  • Optimization of all store pages, products, collections and images
  • Optimization of all blogs, press releases, and newsletters so they get indexed properly and in a timely manner
  • Correction of all Crawl Errors, 404 Page Not Found Errors , and Other SEO related issues on a monthly basis. 
  • Review of all store pages and page headings for proper formatting so pages get indexed correctly
  • Review of keywords, key-phrases and trends with suggestions that yield the best possible organic search results for your store and products.
  • Submission of all products, blogs, collections, images and site map to Google and Bing on a monthly basis and as new products are introduced.
  • 3 press releases per year
  • Monthly reports showing SEO status, progress and organic sales.
  • SEO results are guaranteed.

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Only $149/mo Billed Quarterly.

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