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My Web Concepts is a  Trusted World-Wide Shopify Partner Agency.

We create beautifully branded, engaging Shopify website designs from scratch or we can redesign your existing website to give it an edge over the competition. In order to achieve the maximum sales and revenue results, your website must look professional, be inviting to potential customers, be easy to navigate, guide the customer easily through the purchase process, convey your branding message clearly and leave the customer with a great experience so they come back to make another purchase.

We have built many stores for clients around the world. Our designers are second to none and all of our website designs are optimized for speed and performance, leading to an excellent shopping experience for your customers. 

Why choose us? Simply because of our experience and expertise. We are Graphic Artists, Website  Developers, Shopify Web Designers, E-commerce Store Designers, Project Managers, Branding Experts, Digital Marketers and Technical Support Professionals.

We are also completely transparent in our pricing; no hidden fees or contact forms to fill out before you get a quote like most other website design agencies. 

Whether you want a drop-ship store, print on demand, wholesale, retail, vocational school, professional services website, beauty supply, restaurant, or any thing in between - you've come to the right place.

Let us build a new Shopify store or a website for you today that your customers will love!

Small Stores Start at Only $280.

Do You Need Help With a Shopify Store Design? Are You Not Getting Any Sales?

Beautiful Engaging Shopify Store Designs

Whether you need a new Shopify store designed from scratch, your current store redesigned for a new look and feel, a theme customized, custom coding, or if you want to convert your current store to Shopify from any other platform - you've come to the right place.

We have designed hundreds of stores for clients around the world. Our designers are second to none and work hard to bring your ideas to life. Don't wait any longer. Start your new store today.

Professional SEO Services - Start Getting More Organic Sales!

Every store needs SEO, especially when it is just launched. The search engines will get around to crawling your website eventually, but if you leave it up to the them, only certain pages or products may be crawled and some may be omitted. Often times the search engines will encounter "crawl anomalies" which hurt your Page Rank and Search Ranking if not corrected promptly. We can assist you with all of your SEO needs and get you the expected results as quickly as possible. 

Get Your Store Listed in Google

You may have a beautiful, professionally designed Shopify store but if its not present in the search engines no one is going to find it. We optimize all of your pages, collections, blogs, images and all other content for maximum SEO results. We also create effective Meta Tags, review your content for effective key words and keyword density and then submit all of that information to the search engines for you. We also correct any crawl anomalies to ensure you are not penalized for (404) Page Not Found Errors and other common issues. Get your store and its products into Google and Bing Today.

Digital Marketing Services That Get You Conversions! Sales, Leads & Form Fills 

Our Digital Marketing services include a variety of different packages depending upon how many products you want to advertise. Each package includes the creation of high performance advertisements on Google Ads, Google Shopping, FaceBook, and Instagram. We create beautiful ads for your products, choose the keywords based upon current trends, analyze your competitor's ads and budgets, create the headings, descriptions and effective calls-to-action to get you results right away.

Get more sales with professionally designed advertisements on Google Ads, Google Shopping, FaceBook and Instagram Now

High Performance Email Campaigns That Get More Click-Throughs!

Email Marketing That Works

The Klaviyo Welcome Series is a highly effective, targeted email campaign with pre-built automations that are designed to keep your customers and subscribers engaged, informed, and coming back to make additional purchases. Get 63% higher open rates and 83% higher click through rates with Klaviyo. We can convert you from any other platform to Klaviyo and import your emails, campaigns and subscriber lists for you.

Let us design an effective email marketing campaign for you now.

WordPress Website Designs, WooCommerce, Magento, and Easy Cart Stores!

Expert WordPress Website Designs and E-Commerce Solutions

Whether you would like an informational website or an e-commerce store, we can design it for you. We primarily use Elementor Page Builder for creating high-quality, beautiful WordPress websites for our clients but if you have a specific theme you would like us to implement and customize for you, we'd be happy to do so. We have expertise in WooCommerce, Magento, and Easy Cart.

Start your WordPress website design today.

A Few Of Our Recently Completed Client Stores

Science 4 Pets
Posh Apparel Online

Here Are Some of the Questions We Hear Most Often from Clients

I Have Heard of a Bespoke Build Recently. What Is It?

If you are launching a new online store and have heard of bespoke builds, don't be put off by the fancy name. It simply means "made to order." Hey, here's an idea. Next time you go to your favorite drive-thru fast food restaurant and pull up to the sign to place your order, tell them you want a "bespoke burger." After the person manning the drive thru looks it up on Google, he/she may just get it right and ask, "What exactly would you like on your bespoke burger?"

Whether you have an existing store that needs a facelift, or want a brand new bespoke build, you have come to the right place. Our designers are incredibly talented and work tirelessly to deliver websites and e-commerce stores that meet your needs and are designed to your specifications. We have a lot experience building beautiful websites and engaging e-commerce stores on all different platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Woo, Magento, Square, BigCommerce, Etsy, and Wix.

I've Watched the Shopify Videos and Created My Store.  Now What?

We get this question all the time. I designed my store but what do I do now? Well you're off to a good start. The Shopify videos are ok for beginners who are new to Shopify. Many people start out by watching the videos and go along, step-by-step, to create their first store. Then they learn pretty quickly that they are in over their heads and don't know what to do next. So they reach out to us for help. When we look at their store, we are pretty good at figuring out what they are trying to achieve. Then we schedule a conference call, dig in a little deeper, and start the discovery process. After learning what the goals are for the business (branding, website visitors, affiliate sign-ups, form fills, or product sales) we get to work. A project manager and a website developer are assigned to your project. A shared spreadsheet is created to monitor both completed and pending tasks. Wire frames are created for every page, if necessary. We discuss the UI/UX and any funnels that need to be created. Most stores are delivered turn-key in 7-10 days.

Do You Guys Create WordPress Websites Too?

We sure do! Whether you would like an informational website, or an e-commerce website, we can design it for you. We primarily use Elementor Page Builder for creating high-quality, beautiful WordPress websites for our clients but if you have a specific theme you would like us to implement and customize for you, we'd be happy to help you with your project. We have expertise in WooCommerce, Magento, and Easy Cart.

Can You Help Us With Our Email Marketing?

We are Klaviyo Master Partners and have implemented and configured Klaviyo for several clients, on various platforms. Klaviyo is an incredible, feature-rich email marketing application that is best known for the Welcome Series Email Campaign, but it also has other extremely useful features, such as Flows, Segmentation, Automations, Logic, Decision Making Capabilities and much more. Listen, Analyze and Act on Customer Data. Generate highly relevant, targeted emails With Klaviyo.

Do You Work With Agencies?

Absolutely!  We have several agencies that we work with and while we love to "sign our own paintings" we are always open to new partnerships where we can add value and expertise to your agency team. Use our Contact Form for inquiring about agency rate discounts or bulk agency rates for maximum savings. We even have a Quote Tool available for our agency partners to use, which makes quoting your projects so much more accurate and easier!

How Do You Track Tasks and Time Spent on My Project?

When you work with us, you will receive a shared spreadsheet that outlines pending and completed tasks. All of our designers and developers are required to use and update the spreadsheet regularly. Your Project Manager also works with you to schedule conference calls with the designer to keep work on budget and on track. 

Can You Provide Training?

Yep, every client gets 2 free hours of Shopify training at the completion of the project. The training includes everything you need to know about running and managing your online store and is done over Zoom or WebEx.  We can also train you on the apps you are using as well.

Can You Customize My Shopify Theme and Do You Any Custom Coding?

We sure do! We customize themes all the time for clients and are experts in Liquid coding. If you need any Custom Coding done let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Can You Help Us With Choosing and Support of Shopify Apps?

We have used, recommended and supported all types of Shopify Apps over the years and are happy to help you with any App related issues you may have. It is always best to reach out to the App Developer first, but if your issue cannot be resolved, we can usually assist with either Custom Coding or API coding. Please use our Contact Form for more information. 

Josh Z

Mar 12, 2021

Rich is a reliable, hardworking and skilled pro. I highly recommenced him for anyone looking to improve their Shopify store and/or google marketing support. 

Sunny L

Sept 4, 2020

I have worked in IT as a Manager, PM for years. Rich is by far head and shoulders over so many of my previous colleagues. As a business owner it is reassuring to know you have hired someone who did not over sell themselves, if anything he undersold. His work, his guidance really helped us push our site out there and the results show. We could not be more pleased, with his contributions. 

Ron S

July 8, 2020

Rich did a fantastic job setting up Klaviyo for us and trained us on how to use it. He also helped us create flows and the Welcome emails. 


My Web Concepts is a certified Shopify Partner. We create engaging stores that render perfectly on all devices. Most new stores take only 7-10 days to deliver turn-key and you also receive 2 hours of free training. All work is guaranteed.

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A Few of Our Recent Clients

Embroidery and Sage

Both new and existing stores need a well thought out advertising campaign to get sales. Our Digital Marketing Packages includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Google Shopping Ads. Let one of our Digital Marketing Experts help you reach your sales and revenue goals. Get started today by choosing one of the Digital Marketing packages below.


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We create beautiful, engaging WordPress websites that convert! Whether your website is simply informational or you need an e-commerce store designed using Woo Commerce or Magento, you've come to the right place.

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