How to Find the Shopify Product Page Handle, Product ID and Variant ID in Less Than 10 Seconds! Analyze Code


Have you ever needed to find a Product_ID, Variant_ID, Page Handle or other data within Shopify that may not be so easy to find? Or perhaps you are using an app, such as Recharge (with the Recharge Workflows advanced app enabled) to do SKU swapping on a monthly subscription product? 

Sure you could do a Product export but that may not contain the data you are looking for. So how can you find the data that you need easily?

Go to any Product page and simply add ".json" (without the quotes) to the end of the URL! Easy right? 

The resultant screen looks like this:

I have underlined a few items of interest, namely the Page Handle, The Variant-ID and the Product-ID. Other cools things this screen shows are: 

1. The Shopify template file name, "product.liquid" in this case

2. The product Vendor name defined on the Product screen in Shopify

3. The Fulfillment Service for this product

4. The Inventory Management method

5. Image Information (Height, Width and Source). The Source in this case is the Shopify CDN (Content Delivery Network) which is where Shopify stores all of your images, logos, etc.

As you can see, by simply adding the .json to the end of the Product url, we have access to a lot of information, most of which would not be present in a Shopify Product Export.


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