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Google Ads - Pay by Performance

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Talk about putting your money where your mouth is? Well...WE HAVE!

My Web Concepts is a Google Agency and we are introducing our new Google Ads - Pay by Performance service. Best of all, there is no recurring monthly fee for this service!

Here is how it works:

  • You tell us what you want your daily advertising budget to be for Google PPC ads. Many start-ups start as low as $3-$5/day with excellent results.

  • You tell us which of your products/services you want us to create ads for.

  • We create all of your Google Ads for you including: Search ads, Display  ads, Performance Max ads, Google Shopping ads, Retargeting  ads, Video ads and then we set the budget per your requirements.

  • We monitor your ads daily for sales, clicks, form fills, phone calls, checkouts, add to cart events, email subscribers and other types of conversions.

  • We also adjust your ads every week based upon trending keywords to help maximize your sales.

  • On the first of each month, we invoice you for the previous month's conversions based upon your chosen fee structure: 5% of sales from the ads we create, $1.00 dollar per conversion, or $0.05 cents per click (which is best for building brand awareness via max impressions). 

You don't pay us a dime unless you are getting you conversions and sales!