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With over 40 years of combined WordPress web design experience, our design and development staff is exceptional in every way. From custom designed Wordpress websites to e-commerce solutions using Woo, Magento and Easy Cart - we are completely immersed in the WordPress ecosystem. With Google's transition to Mobile First Indexing, every website must be designed with a responsive approach and be mobile-friendly so the website renders correctly on all devices. Wordpress meets and exceeds those goals.

Our gameplay has never wavered. Build the absolute best solution to meet the needs of every client. We understand business as well as design and development. As a business owner, you want conversions to bring in new clients, but service your current clients in a way that brands loyalty and increases average order value.

More than ever, having an online presence is essential to most business endeavors. We also understand the value of putting the customer first.

Why are we bullish on Wordpress? Well, we are also Shopify experts and we know when Shopify is often the answer, but when that answer waivers, it always falls on Wordpress. It’s no coincidence that almost 40% of the websites that exist on the internet are built with the Wordpress foundation.

Wordpress has a litany of benefits:

It’s COST EFFECTIVE for both installation and maintenance
Upkeep and UPDATES FROM ANYWHERE you are (even automated)
It is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION READY and you can set components for each page can be customized
Blog posts allow POWERFUL & CONVENIENT SYNDICATION to for inbound links
It affords MOBILE FIRST DESIGN and is now a must, not an option
EASY SITE UPGRADES with sophisticated plugin technology
Ideal for AGGRESSIVE CONTENT MARKETING with automation and organization
Seamless INTEGRATION WITH SOCIAL NETWORKS for content integration
INCREASED SITE SECURITY with internal updates and third-party fortification
EASY MIGRATION and transition from one design to the next and alternate server foundations
To name just a few…but the icing on the cake is the Open Source Foundation that allows the best developers to excel with innovation and productivity.

We continually focus on the leading edge with products like Elementor that strive to bring Wordpress to new levels of enhancement.

Elementor is more than just an excellent page builder offering limitless possibilities:

1. It works with any theme
2. It offers a significant array of built in widgets that eliminates 17+ plugins that Wordpress alone may need
3. It contains a conversion centric pop-up builder
4. It has a multitude of pre-built templates and design blocks
5. It offers a higher level of customization with it built-in them builder for headers, footers and just about every facet that a web page needs
6. It has built-in WooCommerce blocks to enhance e-commerce products and even integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify
7. It allow for global widgets that can be saved across multiple websites and platforms
8. It allows for different layouts to enhance product design for interactive use
9. It allows for mobile-first design and preview in relation to desktop view, screen sizes and search engine optimization. This is also important for speed optimization.
10. It has a built-in form builder for single and multi-page needs
11. It has superior template design that can be created and embedded anywhere
12. It has email integration with the most popular email and marketing tools

Those are just highlights of the foundational advantages of Elementor, but it includes many more features such as custom CSS, animation effects, fonts and more.

All the features and benefits of Elementor are continually being enhanced. That is why we choose state-of-the-art tools such as Elementor and its functionality to improve every step of the website building process.

From "Concept to Conversions", we stand by you every step of the way.

New WordPress Website Design

New WordPress Website Design with WooCommerce, Magento or Easy Cart

Our rate is very competitive at only $45/hr and includes all of the following:

    • Wordpress installation and configuration on your hosting platform
    • Installation and configuration of WooCommerce, Magento or Easy Cart
    • Slide Show, Banner and Logo Designs
    • Products With Photos & Descriptions
    • Inventory & Drop Shipping Integration
    • Free or Premium Theme Customization
    • Nested Menu Design
    • Design of All Pages, Collections and Product Page Content
    • Plug-in Guidance, Selection and Configuration
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Website Design from Scratch Using Elementor Pro Page Builder
    • Conversions from other platforms to WordPress
    • Shipping, Carriers, and Shipping Rules
    • Basic SEO Optimization with Yoast SEO
    • Meta Tags for all pages, products, collections and blogs
    • All Security and Plug-in Updates Included as Released
    • Up to 40 Hours of design and Development Time Included
    • All work is Guaranteed. 

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