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GOLD Digital Marketing Monthly Service

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Gold Digital Marketing Package

  • Includes 15 High Performing / High Converting Google Search Ads
  • Includes 15 High Performing / High Converting Google Display Ads
  • Includes 3 High Click Through Rate / High Engagement Video Ads
  • Includes Keyword Research, Keyword Trend Analysis and Keyword Selection for All Ads
  • Includes the Creation of 3 High Performance Google Ad Retargeting Campaigns
  • Includes a High Conversion Rate Google Shopping Campaign
  • Includes 2 Press Releases per Year
  • Includes Google Analytics Integration and Monthly Reporting of Ads Performance
  • Includes Google Ad Rotation Based Upon Ad Performance and Monthly Ad Revisions to Increase Conversions
  • Includes a Guaranteed 500% ROAS (Or More!) Each and Every Month.

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